Thursday, September 8, 2011

Jewish education, now easier than ever!

Jewish Learning
It’s Thursday night.  You come home after a long day and are ready to relax.  You sit down for dinner, when you realize what’s going on this weekend.  It’s your nephews Bar Mitzvah, and you’re being called to an Aliyah.  The problem, it’s been 20 years since your B’nai Mitzvah and you’ve forgotten the prayer.  Or maybe, you’ve decided to be more religious, and start the morning prayers, but yet you don’t have time to go to services in the morning, nor do you have time to go to Adult Education Classes in the evening.  Behrman House, the people who make many of the Hebrew Education Books have created a few Iphone apps to help with just these things.  They have Apps for prayers, blessings, Jewish traditions; they even have an app for a Hanukkah game.  They have 8 apps in total, each with a different function.  For the most part, these apps look great.  It’s an easy way to get the information you want, conveniently.  The only issue I would have with them, is the fact that there are 8 different apps, which means your going to have to download 8 different items, and pay for them (a few of their apps are free of charge).  If you are interested in learning about Judaism, refreshing yourself on your prayers, or just looking for something to keep the little tikes occoupied for a little bit, head over to the Apple App Store and search for Behrman House.

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