Thursday, July 7, 2011

Need Some Shabbat? Get It With Social Media!
Shabbat On The Go!
Ever been out of town and not know anyone? We've all been there, searching for a place where we can go to feel welcome.  With Social Media the new norm, it only make sense that Judaism would come around to it sooner or later.  Today we take a quick at a great little website that combines both! is a place where you can go to find a home for Shabbat.  Say you're out of town, on business, or maybe on vacation, but yet still want to have a nice Shabbat dinner.  You can go to where they list fellow Jews who are willing to open up their home so that you can join them on Shabbat.  

It's all very safe, as before you can go to someone's home, you must have two references.  If you open your homes to others, you can view pictures of the people who are looking to come to your shabbat dinner, along with seeing their history and whom else they've gone to.

 I think this is a huge leap in how technology is affecting Judaism.  So head over to and check it out for yourself!

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