Thursday, June 2, 2011

Google Chrome & How It's Going To Effect The Landscape of Computing.

Google Chrome NotebookFor over three decades we have really only had two choices when it came to computers, Apple or Microsoft. While Microsoft eventually bulldozed Apple almost causing it's collapse. With the re-emergence of Apple and the Ipod, Iphone, and Ipad the two are fighting head to head once again. But today marks a new day as a new major player has emerged. Google Chrome was announced three years ago as a Linux-based operating system that would eventually compete with the likes of Microsoft and Apple. Fast forward three years, and here we stand. With Google I/O (Google's Developer Conference) came the official release of Google Chrome. As of June 15th you will be able to purchase a Chrome Notebook by either Samsung or Acer.

The real question is whether or not this will have any effect on Microsoft and Apple sales? I would most diffidently say yes. Originally Chrome was going to be the main OS that Google put out, but since its conception, Google's other OS has taken off with tremoundous success. I'm of course talking about their Android mobile OS. In the past 2, years Android has risen to the top of the smart phone market, a position once held by RIM's Blackberry and Apples Iphone. Android exploded and so will Chrome.

Chrome is a web based OS, straight into the cloud, starting with your boot up. Turn on your computer, and eight seconds later you're online, surfing the web, browsing Youtube, or having a live web chat (yes they include a web cam). The battery life is what I think will really make the difference in this as you can get up to 8.5 hours on one charge (better than Apple's MacBook which only gets 6.5 hours).

What make the Chrome Notebook so appealing is that everything is in the cloud. All your information is stored online thus relieving you of the burden of a hard drive. The only problem, most programs won't run on Chrome, yet. What will run are browser-based programs, which include programs that run in JAVA. JAVA-based programs will run with no issue on Chrome Notebooks, and for those looking to the cloud, this is the way you should go!

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